About Us

 James DiBiasio

USAW level 2, NASM CPT, B.A. Human Health and Kinetics

I have been a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for the last 10 years.  In college I was fortunate enough to play baseball and football, and though I was never a favorite and often overlooked I worked my way into being an impact player.  Through these experiences I developed a passion for off-season training.  As I learned more about training, I came to appreciate how important proper recovery is to an athlete.

I have spent the last 10  years working with athletes of all ages and abilities.  Ranging from young athletes who have never lifted a weight before to professionals in the MLB and NFL.  I have found that helping athletes develop routines is the most important part of their development.  Also, Constancy in performance training is integral in an athlete's development.  Learning how to warm up and recover from training sessions and games is equally important.  The Get Going roller helps me keep my gym bag organized, and has all the tools inside that I use with my athletes to warm up and recover!


Collin Taylor. “CT.”

USAW, ACE, B.A. Communications

I began in the fitness industry, professionally, in 2011.  During a 10 year professional football career (Arena Football League), I spent my offseasons working as a personal trainer, group fitness coach, performance coach, and football skills coach.  My love for the weight room started in High School, as I was an undersized athlete, I recognized that hard work off the field, led to greater success on the field.  Playing football in the Big 10 (Indiana University), I dedicated much of my time and energy to getting bigger, faster, and stronger, to play against some of the nations top competition.  After overcoming great odds, and having success at the collegiate and professional level, my focus has become to help athletes achieve their highest goals in sports performance. 

Consistency and intent is everything.  Whether I work with athletes in groups, individually, online or in person, I truly believe that every goal can be achieved by dedicating consistent, intentional effort into what you want.